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Marketing Your Home
Many people believe that their home will be sold by the listing agent. The fact is, most of the time it’s sold by an outside agent. While it may be surprising, it’s not unusual. It’s how the real estate business works.

It is not your agent’s primary job to personally sell your home. It is her job to cause your home to be sold and to manage the sale of your home.

That is why it’s important to get the whole real estate community mobilized in the sale of your home. I do that by marketing your home effectively with my proven system of coordinating the sales associates at our firm, plus other companies and agents in the area into a team. That's how we can tap the vast pool of local and out of town buyers—theirs and mine!

So, don’t be surprised when your home is shown by other companies. That’s what I want to happen! The more your home is shown, the faster it will sell.

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Your Window of Opportunity
When your home first goes on the market, it generates a surge of activity. Price your home realistically from the start. Don't test the water with an unrealistically high price and then think you'll reduce it later! Here's what overpricing your home can do:

Other homes in your neighborhood that are priced right look more attractive

It can waste the initial surge of buyer interest

Few Realtors will show an overpriced listing unless they want to use it to bump up another home

Fewer buyers will respond to your ad, no one wants to buy the highest priced home in the neighborhood

It will stay on the market longer, prompting buyers to wonder why it hasn't sold

It can lead to mortgage rejection and appraisals that are far below the selling price

Giving yourself negotiating room does no good if you have no one to negotiate with.

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